Copyright House Industries Not Licensed for Desktop Use

On this page you can download the font Copyright House Industries Not Licensed for Desktop Use version HouseIndustriesSignPainter-HouseScript 3.0, which belongs to the family Copyright House Industries (Subfamily Not Licensed for Desktop Use). Font manufacturer is Copyright-House-Industries-Not-Licensed-for-Desktop-Use. Download Copyright House Industries Not Licensed for Desktop Use for free at This font belongs to the following categories: branded fonts. You will need to buy a font if the license for it is not free.
(C)1999 House Industries/Brand Design Co., Inc.
Copyright House Industries
Not Licensed for Desktop Use
Full font name:
Copyright House Industries Not Licensed for Desktop Use
HouseIndustriesSignPainter-HouseScript 3.0
PostScript title:
SignPainter-HouseScript is a trademark of House Industries/Brand Design Co., Inc.
House Industries
House Industries Web Font Software License Agreement

1. This House Industries non-exclusive, revocable license grants limited rights to use the WEB FONT Software ON AUTHORIZED WEBSITES ONLY. All other rights, title, interest and design of the Font Software belong to House Industries ("HI"). You agree that the Font Software is the exclusive property of HI and to exercise reasonable care to avoid unauthorized distribution.

2. These uses are prohibited and/or require additional licenses: incorporating or embedding the HI Webfonts in devices or software that is used on desktops, laptops, workstation, or other electronic devices; storing, archiving, re-serving, transmitting, or making the HI Web Fonts available or accessible for use by 3rd parties; altering, editing, or translating in any way, sublicensing, selling, or redistribution to 3rd parties; downloading, reverse-engineering extracting or modifying the HI Web Fonts.
3. You are not permitted to embed the Font Software in programs or devices, convert into other formats or create derivative works of the Font Software or the designs in the Font Software.
4.HI will not support and is not responsible for unauthorized versions of the HI Web Fonts or Font Software.
5.The HI WebFonts may not be used in entertainment or gaming products without the purchase of an additional license.
6. The HI Web Fonts are without express or implied warranties of any kind and each are expressly revoked. HI is not liable to any user for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of data or loss of any information even if notified in advance. You agree that HI's sole liability will be the refunding of the license fee paid or replacement of the Font Software in HI's sole discretion. If you have questions you may contact HI at [email protected]

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