On this page you can download the font PROG.BOT version Frog: 05.05.2001 v 1.0, which belongs to the family PROG.BOT (Subfamily Regular). Font manufacturer is PROG.BOT. Download PROG.BOT for free at This font belongs to the following categories: roman types, free fonts, computer fonts, lcd fonts. You will need to buy a font if the license for it is not free.
Copyright: - PROG.BOT Copyright (c) 2001 Tom 7 - Distribute and use freely, but never sell (on CD for instance!) - [email protected] - 339 Still Hill Rd - Hamden CT 06518 - USA - I am Robot and Proud
Frog: PROG.BOT 1.0
Full font name:
Frog: 05.05.2001 v 1.0
PostScript title:
PROG.BOT is Copyright (c) 2001 Tom Murphy 7
Tom Murphy 7
Here is the summary of the license for this font, which may be overridden by (most likely very similar) new licenses at the URL below. If you want to do anything with this font you think I might not allow, please see the license URL at the bottom of this document and/or e-mail me.

NO MONEY must ever exchange hands for this font file, without EXPLICIT WRITTEN PERMISSION from the designer.

This means you MAY NOT SELL THIS FONT on a font-collection CD, nor singularly nor part of any other type package.

You may distribute this font file to anyone you want, as long as you do not modify it and do not charge any money or services.

You can use this font in noncommercial applications and websites freely and without the designer's permission.

You can use this font to create commercial products or web sites, but when appropriate I'd love for you to send me a complimentary copy of the item you use it in.

If you distribute or use this font, you may wish to link to the [ Divide By Zero ] web page (though this is not necessary):

For the full license and updates:

Mailing address:

Tom Murphy 7
339 Still Hill Rd
Hamden CT 06518.1830

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